Is It Hard to Write a Research Paper on Economics?


Does a research paper in economics differ from similar projects in other disciplines? Let’s try to find answers to these and other questions in our article. In it, we will tell you what you should pay attention to in a research paper on economics.

Is it difficult to cope with a research paper in economics?

A research paper is a paper in which the student needs to demonstrate the knowledge gained in the learning process and the ability to process information and draw conclusions. In addition to these goals, a research paper also helps prepare for a more serious test – writing a thesis.

What distinguishes research papers from the work of other areas? First of all, specific research methods and approaches to the format of the practical part distinguish them. Unfortunately, not all students know how to format such papers correctly. In this case, they turn to writing services like EssayShark that offer research papers for sale. Professional writers who work there know how to format papers in the right way. 

Choose a topic in economics

One of the most important stages of any work is the choice of a research paper topic. And it depends not only on the desire of the student but also on who will be their supervisor. Therefore, students of economics universities should remember a few tips:

  1. First, decide on the department that interests you, and only then with the supervisor. Otherwise, having chosen the direction of the banking economy, it is unlikely that you will be able to write a research paper on international management.
  2. Pay attention to how the chosen topic was studied. A topic that is too well developed will not allow you to bring something new, and a poorly studied topic will be very difficult.
  3. Consider a topic in which you need to compare two theories. That way, you can explore the benefits of both and come up with your own solution.
  4. Check the economic hypotheses that exist. One of them may be the subject of your in-depth study.
  5. Come up with your own economic method of data processing and make it the main topic of the research paper. This will definitely expand the scientific tools and contribute to the development of the discipline.
  6. Use real materials. The real data of an organization or enterprise is a necessary component of a research paper in economics.
  7. Check if there are enough literature sources on the chosen topic because your research needs to be properly supported by other works.
  8. Discuss a few chosen economics topics with your teacher. They will tell you which one will be more promising and where to get training materials for preparation.

Whatever topic you choose, remember the relevance of the research paper in economics. This means that the topics should reflect reality, touch on acute economic problems and offer possible solutions.

Draw up a plan for a research paper in economics

Did you choose and agree on a topic in economics? It’s time to write the plan. Remember that it also needs to be agreed with the teacher. How to cope with this task? Use an understandable algorithm:

  • compose questions, the answers to which you are going to reveal in the paper;
  • create a preliminary content of the paper, highlighting the structural elements;
  • describe the approximate progress of work on the project;
  • see examples of research paper plans in economics that are available on the Internet;
  • evaluate how you understand all the points and whether there is enough information.

The plan should be written not for the teacher but, first of all, for yourself. 

Develop the structure of the research paper in economics

The next important stage is the development of a clear structure for a research paper in economics. In general, it does not differ from the standard content of other profiles. Yet there are some structural differences in economic writings.

Most often, the content of a research paper in economics looks like this:

  • title page;
  • introduction;
  • theoretical part;
  • practical part;
  • conclusion;
  • bibliography;
  • appendices.

Before the introduction of a research paper in economics, there may be one more part – an annotation, which is sometimes called a project abstract. This is a summary of the research paper content, which consists of a listing of keywords, the subject and object of the study, and a description of the goals and results achieved.

Features of writing a paper in economics

Let’s dwell on important points that are worth paying attention to in research papers in economics.

Introduction of a research paper in economics

The introduction and conclusion of a research paper in economics are the most important parts of the work that the teacher, first of all, pays attention to when checking your paper. Therefore, special care must be taken here:

  • accurately determine the subject and object of the research paper;
  • focus on relevance and scientific novelty;
  • clearly define goals and objectives;
  • describe research methods in detail.

The last point is worth a closer look. Indeed, in a research paper in economics, both general scientific methods of research and highly specialized ones can be used. This means that they are used only in economic research.

The main part of a research paper on economics

The main part consists of two sections:

  • theoretical;
  • practical;

The theoretical part of the paper does not cause any particular difficulties for students. It is necessary to describe the theory on which the student relies in their research, as well as basic information on the topic being studied.

In the practical part of the paper, the student is expected to write down the formulas that they used for calculations, explain the choice of methodology, and also complete the tasks set in the introduction.

The final part

The conclusion of the research paper in economics, as well as the introduction, plays a key role. As we said, this part of the study will definitely be paid attention to when they check the work. Remember this and check that at the end of the project, there are exactly the following:

  • the general conclusion for each chapter and the entire work;
  • the final result;
  • expected forecast for the future and ideas for development in this direction.

We hope that now you know exactly how to write a paper in economics and will be able to cope with any topic.

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