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Kubet is a very famous bookmaker on the market today. Here serve players many games with diverse and attractive bets and odds. Primarily managed by the Philippine government, the safety and reputation are high. To learn more about this house, please refer to the following article. What is KUBET? KU Casino is KUBET

Many people still ask the question of what KUBET is and have not found the answer. A kubet or Ku Casino are both brand names of the house Ku. Therefore, casino players are called KU Casini, and playing other games at the place is called KUBET. Besides, KUBET has many different names, such as Kubet 88, Kubet777, Ku casino poker, and The name KUBET is the brand name that gamers give. Or players can understand that a bet is a bet – Kubet is the product this house is in this bookie.

Promotion at KUBET

The Kubet bookie offers its customers a lot of attractive Kubet promotions. Here are some deals you can refer to betting.

Recharge promotion

Kubet promotion for the first deposit

For new players, after successfully registering an account, they will receive a 20% bonus of the total value of the first deposit. The amount can be up to 588,000 VND. However, to receive this offer, you need to recharge your card within 24 hours after entering the site. It will not be applied if it is more than 24 hours without a deposit.

At the same time, to get the promotion, the player’s account must have 100,000 VND in the first deposit. If the player wants to withdraw the bonus, he must bet at least 15 times.

Promotion for the second deposit

In the 2nd deposit, the player will still receive a bonus of 10% of the deposit value. This program only applies to those who have made a 2nd deposit valued at 1 million or more. Significantly, the promotion amount can be up to 588,000 VND. To withdraw money, you must bet at least ten times. If the player wants to remove and does not receive the promotion, he will lose 5% of the deposit value.

Kubet promotion to receive gifts to choose 5 in 1

This model is an offer for players who can optionally choose the gifts that the house has. The facilities are a Bluetooth speaker with cord, power bank with the line, versatile sports watch, Bluetooth headset, and negative ion air purifier. According to many people, these are very attractive and widely accepted items. Each account must make three deposits with the minimum deposit value of 5 million VND to enjoy this promotion.

Kubet promotion with unlimited weekly cashback

Players participating in betting at the lobby AES, PS, SA, CMD, WM, DS, CQ9, BBIN, SABA, AG, and AE… will receive the corresponding refund rate. As follows:

• Refund 0.5% of total bet value if the bet amount is 100 points or more.

• Refund 0.6% of the total bet value with the bet amount from 200,000 VND or more.

• 0.7% refund of total bet value if bet amount is 1000 points or more.

If a player participates in betting at LC Game Cards, then:

• Bets of 100 points or more will receive a refund of 0.6% of the total bet.

• Bets of 200 points or more will receive a refund of 0.7% of the total bet.

• The bet amount of 1000 points or more will receive 0.8% of the bet value.

Kubet promotion with high cashback

• For Ku Sports, 3D Game, JZ Sports lobby: The refund rate is 0.8%, 0.75%, 0.7%, 0.65% and 0.6%. It depends on the level the player has.

• For KU Casino: The return rate will be 1%, 0.9%, 0.8%, 0.7% and 0.6%, depending on the player’s tier.

Card Game KUBET

The KUBET house has a very diverse and rich game store. Here are some outstanding games you can refer to players.

Tai faint

Online poker is also known as online Sicbo or rolling dice. This game is top-rated in Asia. If you are passionate about movies in the genre of cards, you will undoubtedly be very familiar with this game. How to play poker is very simple. The necessary tools are 1 cup or bowl and three dice.

After the Dealer randomly shakes three dice in the bowl. Players will bet on over or under based on the total score of 3 balls. Playing this game at the KUBET house has the advantage that the playing process is transparent and straightforward. That’s why it attracts many players every day.

Zhuo Jinhua

Zhuo Jinhua is known as a folk card game from China. This card game has simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, so many people participate in the experience. The rules of this game are pretty simple. Players need to choose at the door, Long or Phung. After the game is over, the Dealer will shuffle the card. Therefore, each game will have two beautiful dealers with sexy and seductive clothes to serve you.

live accarat – Baccarat 3D

Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in international casinos. However, the rules of this game are pretty simple, similar to scratch cards in Vietnam. Just looking at it a few times n is to understand how to play and participate in betting.

At the beginning of the game, the Dealer will deal cards to 2 cards and children. Then, the number of cards each side has determines the winner or loser. The side with the higher score wins. You will choose to bet on the Dealer or the children. In addition, it is also possible to bet on cards that may appear in the house or house for a higher bonus.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger, aka Dragon Tiger. This game has a common rule: Players will have three doors to bet on Dragon – Tie – Tiger. After placing a bet, the Dealer will deal two cards with Dragon-Tiger. Each side has 1 card, and the side with the higher score wins. The highest card in this game is K with 13 points, and the lowest card is A with 1 point. The game is tied if both sides have the same points (Tie).

Three Westerns

Another card game that many people in casinos love is Ba Tay. When playing the bonus game without knowing this game, you have wasted a beautiful part. The card game has a simple, dramatic way of playing, combined with a high element of luck, so this card game is popular in Asia. In Vietnam, we often call it three-scratch cards, three-card cards, but on online betting sites, it’s called three-card.

Cool Stew

The English name is Bullfight. This bet is a casino game that uses a 52-card deck divided into three hands: Dealer, house two, and house 3. Each hand will deal five cards to 3 hands in a particular order. In the live lobby, the Dealer will distribute five cards to the house of 2 first, then to the home of 3, and finally to the Dealer. If calculated according to the circle, the Dealer will divide counterclockwise.

The highlight of this card game is that a deck of cards can be reused many times not having to deal with and discarded. So in this card game, there is also a very professional flute performance from the Dealers.

Detailed KUBET review

To learn more about the KUBET bookie, please refer to some review information shared below.

KUBET prestige – quality ️

Kubet is a bookie in the Philippines, licensed by the gambling commission PAGCOR. Previously, Kubet was also known as Thien Ha Bet. With more than ten years of operation, Kubet has affirmed its foothold in the Vietnamese market and become one of the prominent leading bookmakers in Asia.

KUBET owns a professional customer service team, ready to support players 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, when encountering any problem, to avoid interrupting the experience, please contact immediately via zalo, Viber, phone number, or right on the online chat of the bookie for advice and help to fix the problem quickly.

Security Service

Being a bookie is considered to guarantee excellent customer information. Each customer will have their registration verified by phone first. The customer service department will activate the account. According to the information shared by the players, the Kubet house uses a 1024-bit RSA encryption system and a 448-bit blowfish key. This pattern is a system with higher security than other businesses’ SSL systems.


Address: Số 57 P. Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Phone: 0965522361


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