Launching Your First Photo Blog Today 

You might wish to share your stunning photos with the remainder of the globe as you learn additional concerning victimisation your camera. Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Tumblr, and Facebook square measure simply some of the social media platforms that square measure ideal for this kind of issue.  You can take help from Jaynike to grow your social media channels. . Besides, social media, a photography web log could be a good way to share coming comes, publish your pictures and earn cash. thus a way to do that? during this article, we’ll be showing ways in which of launching your 1st icon web log nowadays.  

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If photography’s your passion, you’re not alone.

Since artificer captured the primary proverbial candid icon of an individual in 1838, over 3.5 trillion photos are taken worldwide, with most of them taken within the previous couple of decades. Today, over 380 million photos square measure taken per annum.

Thinking of sharing your passion for photography with a blog? With such a lot of ample photos being shared and uploaded on-line – over one.8 billion each single day – it’s powerful to face out from the gang.

It is doable, though: there square measure lots of self-made photography blogs out there, as well as Scott Bourne’s PhotoFocus, the web log of famed lensman Joe McNally, and therefore the instructional web site growing lensman.

But replicating their success isn’t straightforward. If your web log goes to require off, you’ll have to be compelled to use some strategy.

It starts with selecting a distinct segment. If you are attempting to charm to everybody, you’ll charm to nobody. The additional centered your niche is, the additional targeted your web log are often toward a particular audience. contemplate selecting a distinct segment supported your subject material, your distinctive type of photography, or a particular ability like icon composition, room development, or digital manipulation. after you opt for a particular niche, you’ll be able to become referred to as associate knowledgeable and a pacesetter in your field.

Besides your web log niche, there’s additionally the technical facet of beginning a web log to contemplate. You’re associate knowledgeable in photography, however does one grasp all the ins and outs of selecting a website and selecting an online hosting plan? There’s additionally the computer code that runs your web log to contemplate, yet as themes and plugins to administer your web site a novel look and additional options and suppleness.

If you’re wanting to begin your own photography web log, take a glance at our guide below to urge started on the trail to success.

How to Start a Fantastic Photography Blog

You can decide the simplest shutter speed and aperture settings while not even gazing your photographic equipment, you recognize a way to compose an ideal shot, and you’ve down pat Photoshop and Lightroom. Why not share your passion for icongraphy with the globe by making your terribly own photo blog? Here square measure some straightforward tips to assist you start.

Choose Your Niche

In order to face out from the various photography blogs already out there, it’s a decent plan to target a distinct segment. once selecting your niche space, contemplate the following:

Does this subject excite me?

If the topic matter you’ve chosen doesn’t excite you, it in all probability won’t excite your audience

Do i do know concerning this topic?

You can’t expect individuals to respect your authority on a subject matter if you aren’t truly associate authority

Are others curious about this topic?

If your focus is simply too slim, you would possibly not have an oversized enough audience

What causes you to different?

You’re distinctive and your web log ought to be too

Capitalize on your strengths, whether or not that’s your composition, style, or technical skills

There square measure lots of photography niches to consider:











Black & white

Editing or digital room

Events in your own life

Here square measure 3 photographers World Health Organization have excelled in their niches:

Jasmine Star (

A gifted author World Health Organization puts effort into understanding her subjects’ stories so tells those stories in a very romantic means

Her how-to posts offer tips for different wedding photographers

David DuChemin (

David could be a world and humanitarian lensman that travels the globe capturing unimaginable photos.

His photos and writing square measure same to be exalting.

Laurens Kuipers (

A Dutch lensman that specialize in design and natural landscapes.

Laurens’s approach makes an attempt to require into consideration however landscapes and structures square measure used, thus his photos typically embrace moving things like individuals and cars.

What’s in a Name?

Your blog’s name ought to be short, catchy and unforgettable.

Be artistic, use these ideas to make a novel web log name:

Make an inventory of keywords associated with your web log then explore for synonyms and etymologies of these words.

Compound 2 words (Facebook)

Add a prefix or suffix to a word (Friendster)

Blend components of 2 words along (Netscape, Microsoft)

Make up one thing utterly new and distinctive (Squidoo, Etsy)

Use a phrase (StumbleUpon)

Misspell a word (Digg, Topix)

Make sure your name is unique.

Check social media networks to create positive the name is offered there yet.

Use to visualize many social media sites.

Avoid hyphens, they’ll diminish your believability.

Arguably, they indicate spam and may create it tougher for you to earn links.

Set Up Your web site

Once you recognize what you’re reaching to decision your web log, it’s time to make it. You’ll would like a hosting company, a website name, and a blogging platform to start.

Hosting Company

These firms offer you with:

Bandwidth (so individuals will visit your site)

Storage space (pictures take up a great deal of space)

Tools and plugins for your web site

Hosts recommended by WordPress include:



Domain Names

Typically, you’ll be able to purchase your name from your hosting company, permitting you to

nice-looking website. High-quality images are important, but the way those images appear on the page is vital.

Themes to Customize WordPress

Themes are the way you present and control information on your blog.

Pick a theme that showcases the main focus of your photo blog: the photos.

Example themes:



Modularity Lite


You can find themes directly on the WordPress site under the “Themes” tab, or from sites like Theme Forest and Elegant Themes.

While you can find themes for free, expect to pay around $50 for one that looks professional.


Plugins add widgets to your blog, giving your website greater flexibility.

Plugins to help with photo blogs:

Lazy Load

Large pictures can slow things down on your server, especially if you post a lot of them on a single page.

Lazy Load will cause images to load only as users scroll to them on a page.

This saves your readers load time and saves you bandwidth.

Flickr Feed Gallery

If you already have a presence on Flickr, you can connect your account to your website, making it even easier for people to check out your photos.

NextGEN Gallery

One of the most popular WordPress photo gallery plugins, NextGen Gallery makes arranging your images quick and easy.


This plugin lets you create responsive sliders that you can embed on pages and blogs.

Blogging Essentials

Disqus Comment System

Part of the fun of creating a blog is interacting with your audience.

The Disqus comment system makes commenting easier and replaces the standard WordPress comment system.


Any website receives its share of spam, but Akismet compares any comments it finds on your site to its library of robo-content.

If a comment looks like it was made by a bot, Akismet filters it. Share/Follow buttons

Make it easy for your readers to follow your website and share it with others by adding social media buttons.’s plugin even lets you track which social media platform your audience uses most.

WordPress SEO

Uploading Pictures: Dos and Don’ts


Upload your originals to your blog

Forget to save your original files before editing them


Upload your pictures as JPEG files (the best format for viewing photos on the web)

Edit your pictures before uploading them

Make sure to resize images so that they’ll fit the page

Blogs have different content area sizes

Use photo-editing software to resize photos so that they’ll fit comfortably on the page

Some options for photo-editing programs include:


Photo Pos Pro


Don’t Forget the Content

Use heading, title, meta-description and alt tags in a logical, descriptive way.

Don’t forget about WordPress SEO (mentioned above).

To increase your rankings in search engines (and image searches especially) be sure to assign alt-text to your photographs.


Stands for “Alternate text”

Shows up when a cursor hovers over an image.

Add this information by clicking on the image in WordPress and then filling in the “Alt” field

Don’t use too many keywords, or the value of each one will be diluted.

In general, text relevant to your niche can help boost rankings in search results, and complementary content can increase readership.

Examples of content:

Camera/equipment reviews

The story behind each photograph

Photography tutorials

Photographers you admire

Be creative:

Brainstorm ideas you would enjoy writing

Blogs are a great way to share your passion with the world, and if your passion is photography, blogging has made it easier than ever to show off your art.

“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” — Bruno Barbey