RoboForex bonus conditions and Profit Share


Up to 60% in RoboForex Profit Share Bonus

When you deposit money into your RoboForex trading account, you’ll get an additional bonus of 60% of those funds as part of this RoboForex incentive. The possibility for greater profits is then increased by using this bonus to boost your trading volume and positions. Additionally, you can use this benefit during drawdown, which lowers your risk.

How to Get Your Profit Share Bonus?

To get this bonus:

If you don’t already have one, you must open the new RoboForex trading account to avail it you have to fulfill RoboForex bonus conditions:

  • The verification method in your Members Area must then be used to confirm your identity and address.
  • You must put money into your account after it has been opened and validated. You must go to your Family Section and choose Deposit funds from of the Funds drop-down list in order to achieve this.
  • You’ll choose your payment method, the account you want to put into, and the Profit Share Bonus tab on the following page. Next, you’ll need to choose the currency you should use for the deposit and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Can You Withdraw Your Profit Share Bonus?

With the Revenue Share Bonus promotion, you can withdraw your RoboForex bonus after achieving a particular trading volume. At this time, the criterion is that you reach a trading volume equivalent to your bonus money split by two. In other words, if you get a $300 bonus, you won’t be allowed to withdraw the money until your trading volume reaches 150 lots.

You will only be permitted to withdraw your winnings and the money you have placed up until the point at which you reach this trading volume.

Other RoboForex Promos You Should Know

In addition to these promos, there are more RoboForex offers that merit consideration. These consist of:

  • On the account balance, up to 10%. Depending on your trading volume, this incentive entitles you to additional cash on your account balance of up to 10% every month. After that, you can trade or withdraw these funds.
  • Currency Cashback Similar to the one above, this campaign will allow you to add extra monthly money to your account. The percentages you’ll receive, which range from 5% to 15% depending on your trading volume, you must be a registered client to be exempt from the other conditions.

How to Get Extra Cashback When Trading With RoboForex?

You can get more money back if you join RoboForex via Traders Union. RoboForex fees and after opening the account. You’ll actually receive up to 40% of the spread or broker commission you paid back. As an illustration, if you trade with $1,000 and open a position for a lot once in every two or three days, the spread will cost you a total of roughly $130. You can receive $52 of this sum back from Traders Union to use whatever you wish.

What you can do with this RoboForex welcome bonus?

With the bonus, you may easily trade and make money. Your ability to withdraw any and all profits is unrestricted. Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to expand a modest account. You can make tremendous progress by using a reliable trading technique. It doesn’t matter how little your trading account is, therefore.

A modest trading account does have one significant problem, though. Before you enter the winning trend, you can blow the entire account.

 This is because having less capital prevents you from making as many trading mistakes. What else can you lose, though, given that it is absolutely free?

Additionally, you can trade over 36 different forex exchange rates, metals, and CFDs with this extra money. You may also trade using the MT4 and MT5 platforms provided by RoboForex. As a result, you will have access to a wide range of possibilities just like a broker’s regular client.

While seasoned experts have one or two trading methods, novice traders have many. Because novice traders are unsure of the long-term successful trading tactics. Due to a lack of experience and experimentation, it occurs. The best opportunity to close that deficit is through the no-deposit bonus offered by RoboForex.

The longer you sustain yourself in the market, the better experience you get.

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