The COIN PROMOTION Mystery Revealed


We’ve got a mystery for you. The COIN PROMOTION is one of the most well-known, successful and satisfying promotion packages out there. But how exactly does this amazing promotion work? Doesn’t everyone know the answer to this question by now? Nope! Well then, let’s find out together!

This post will tell you everything you need to know about The COIN PROMOTION for cryptocurrency, its benefits and limitations, as well as some tips on how best to use it.


The COIN PROMOTION is a complex but rewarding promotion that was created by This promo first appeared in August 2016 and has since been developed, revised and re-launched several times. Just this month the promo saw its first major overhaul ever – and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s going to be an exciting one!

2. What Are The Benefits Of Using The Coin Promotion?

The big benefit of using this promo is easy to see – everyone wins! You’re likely to gain between 40 and 60 percent on affiliate commissions from the following sales:

– All products with a regular price of $9.95 or more can be sold for between $0.99-$4.95 for each sale.

– All products with a regular price of $19.95 or more can be sold for between $1.99-$7.95 for each sale.

– All products with a regular price of $49.95 or more can be sold for between $2.99-$9.95 for each sale

How Much Money Can I Make?

As you can see, these are really great terms! You’ll make an instant 40 to 60 percent commission on any sales that meet the price point criteria (in other words, if any of your affiliates decides to buy a product on sale it will count towards your earnings).

Because the promo is such a great deal for affiliates, it’s likely to convert incredibly well and will probably be one of the top 10 promo programs on JVZoo at most times.

For example, if you have 100 people running your COIN PROMOTION JVZoo affiliate link and 50 of them buy products on sale, you’ll make $5,000-$10,000 in affiliate commissions!

3. What Products Are Eligible For The COIN PROMOTION?

The Coin Promotion works with all digital download products that are available on our websites: and As long as you have the rights to all of your products you can use them in this promo! Website list is here.

It also works with most physical products on – but here is the catch: you must be able to sell these products for $9.95 or more .

If you don’t have any physical products in your inventory that cost $9.95 or more, don’t worry – we have a solution for this too. Since there are thousands of affiliates signed up for this promo and only a few hundred physical products that meet the requirements we’ve created two virtual kits:

– The Coin Kit ($35) lets you sell digital downloads with a cost of $2,500 on for $99.95

– The Coin Ultimate Kit ($100) lets you sell physical products with a cost of a $2,500 on for $199.95

In both cases you’ll make between $40-$60 on every sale – so it’s well worth getting one of these kits!

4. What Are The Limitations Of The Coin Promotion?

While the CRYPTO COIN PROMOTION is one of the best promotions out there, it does have some limitations:

– You can only use the promo once per week. This is because the promo works in two parts: a pre-launch phase and a regular launch phase. During the pre-launch phase affiliates have access to special ‘Coin Only’ discounts, which are only valid during the first 24 hours of a promo (regularly they become invalid after 24 hours).

– You can only run one Coin Only discount at a time. This means that if you use your Coin Promotion once, you will have to wait before you can launch it again.

This is very inconvenient because it can take up to 3 weeks for an affiliate who buys a product on sale to turn into a customer – especially if they buy your most expensive product! In fact, sometimes it takes longer for them to purchase the second product and turn into a customer.

To solve this issue, we created a Coin ‘Booster Pack’ ($5) that lets you run the Coin Promotion again before your first launch is over. This means that you can keep your boost going until all of your affiliates have purchased their products!

5. Using The COIN PROMOTION In Your Marketing Plan

The Coin Promotion is one of the best promotions for manual backlinks out there, so it’s pretty much a no-brainer to market it! Here are some tips for how you can use it in your own marketing plan:

– Run your promo for 60 days until you have at least 10 upgrades (upgrades = affiliates who sign up to the promo). At this point it’s likely that you will have a good number of signups and the commission rates will begin to kick in. The more people you can get to sign up, the higher your commissions will be!

– You can also run it for 30 days. In this case the pre-launch phase only lasts 24 hours (so after it expires most of your affiliates will not have received any promotional benefits). However, because you are running a shorter promo than usual you might find that your customers don’t buy as many products until they decide to buy a second one. In this case you might want to run it for 90 days.

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