Want Extra Productivity? Here’s How You Can Make Your Mac Work for You

Simplify your Mac experience so you can tailor the settings according to your specific requirements. Here are some tips to help you optimize your Mac so it can work for you.

Split the Screen

You can split the screen using the Split View tool for extra productivity on your Mac. With this, the screen will be divided into two, and you will run two applications simultaneously.

You can split screen without fullscreen and not have to switch between apps and windows aggressively.

Enable the Focus Feature

The Focus feature was introduced in Mojave and worked on all Macs running Mojave and higher. The feature filters the notifications and ensures no distractions when you are working. You can set up this feature to only allow emergency contacts during work hours. Besides this, you can set up separate Focus modes for sleeping, working out, driving, etc.

The Focus modes will be synced across your Apple devices if you have a Mac and an iPhone or iPad.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There’s no need to scroll vigorously, click the mouse buttons, or move your hands aggressively on the trackpad. Instead, you can save a lot of time and effort by memorizing some common keyboard shortcuts. 

For example, switch between applications by pressing Command + Tab. If you want to switch between different Google Chrome windows, press Command + `. 

For copying and pasting items, press Command + C and Command + V. 

If you want to view your Mac keyboard shortcuts or personalize them, click System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. 

Master using Spotlight 

Spotlight is a useful tool that comes with macOS. You can use this tool to look for downloads, apps, or documents quickly. First, press Command + Spacebar to launch Spotlight, and then you can type the description or name of whatever you want to find. 

Spotlight can also perform other tasks, such as solving a quick math equation, converting currency, or telling you the weather condition of London or Bahrain. 

Sync your Apple Devices

It is best to sync your devices if you are using a Mac and an iPhone or iPad. So if you have started working on a document on Mac, you can continue working on the same document on your iPad. 

Syncing data between Apple devices is fuss-free, thanks to iCloud. In addition, you can personalize iCloud syncing by heading to System Preferences > clicking Apple ID > iCloud. 

Hide the Dock and Increase the Screen Real Estate

While the Dock has come to be associated with Macs, you don’t need it to be on the screen all day. In addition, it can take up considerable space. Therefore, it is best to hide the Dock. 

Enable the Automatically Hide and Show the Dock option so you can see the Dock when you require it, and it can remain hidden when you don’t. 

Update the Operating System

Keeping the operating system updated must be on top of your priority list. Apple introduces yearly updates, and installing these can give your system a big performance boost. 

The same also goes for apps. Updates can fix bugs and enhance security. 

Therefore, you can set macOS and apps to be automatically updated. 

Activate Hot Corners

Press Control + Up to open Mission Control; here, you can enable Hot Corners. With this, all four corners of the screen will be activated. So, the action will be fulfilled whenever you move the mouse cursor to any of the screen’s corners. For instance, you can assign the top-right corner to put your display to sleep and the top-left corner to open the Notification Center. Therefore, there will be less clicking while more work is completed. 

Utilize Multiple Desktops

Macs have multiple desktops; if you press Control + Up, you can access Mission Control to view all the current applications. 

At the top of your Mac screen, you will see a plus sign where you can click to add more desktops. In addition, you can create a desktop for each task, so it is easier to switch between them. 


Enough of writing all day long. Aren’t you tired? Let your Mac do all the writing while you dictate what you need. 

Go to the Apple menu > click System Preferences > click Accessibility. Enable voice control here and then sit back and relax. Fold your legs and start dictating what needs to be written. Your Mac will write it on your behalf. 

Besides these, you can install productivity applications like Alfred, Magnet, or Fluid. These apps will help you quickly complete your daily tasks so you can close your Mac and hang out with your friends. 

The Bottom Line

Macs are mighty machines that can work for you if you tweak the settings. Remember the tricks mentioned above to have a smooth-sailing experience, whether working from home or other remote locations. 

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