Why NDA and CDS are Best Career Options to Join Defence?


The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) holds the Common Defence Service Examination (CDS) twice a year to find applicants for the open positions at the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Officers Training Academy, and Indian Air Force Academy. For admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy programs, the NDA exam is administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) twice a year.

India is proud to have one of the most significant armed forces globally. The soldiers must be incredibly diligent and undergo a demanding training schedule to be ready to guard the borders in the scorching heat of the Thar desert or the Siachen Glacier. In this post, we shall learn why the NDA and CDS are the best entrances to the armed forces.

Why NDA is the Best Entry to Join Defence Forces?

The NDA is considered the ideal professional choice for individuals who wish to serve their country. Undoubtedly, it is a demanding vocation with many tasks and responsibilities. We learn about the popularity of the NDA Exam among students from the fact that more than four lakh students apply for it each year.

  • One of the primary motivations for joining the NDA is to serve the country and the prospect of a rewarding career. Candidates that enlist in the Indian Army serve their nation with dedication and instill pride. The Indian Army defends the government from the military forces of the adversary.
  • The education and training programs at the academy are created in a way that broadens the cadets’ viewpoint, teaches them to think critically and analytically, and helps them develop their leadership skills. The primary goal of the training is to instill the highest caliber of intellectual and technological knowledge so cadets will be equipped with the necessary credentials for their military careers. It also emphasizes a cadet’s general personality development, which is accomplished through instilling virtues like self-control, honor, honesty, duty, and brotherhood.
  • Since the 7th Pay Commission, there have been adjustments to the NDA compensation. Candidates for the NDA are given salaries and benefits, and the training session yields benefits. Cadets receive a stipend totaling INR 56,100 for the duration of their training in service academies. The first Cell of Level 10 will determine the Officer Commissioned’s remuneration.
  • NDA provides high employment stability and the promise of a successful future. Everyone aspires to be happy at work, and an employee experiences it as a wonderful feeling that makes them feel good about their work. The Indian Army offers pride in one’s work and job satisfaction.

Why is CDS the Best Career Option to Join Defence?

Many candidates have registered for this test and are preparing for the impending exam by studying for the CDS. Because of this, candidates frequently ask about career opportunities after passing the CDS Exam.

  • Along with wages, benefits, and pensions, you also receive several benefits that private employers do not offer.
  • You will advance your career through promotions and generous CDS salary benefits. Depending on their rank, individuals hired by CDS have different promotional requirements.
  • The monthly CDS compensation includes a child education grant for candidates. This benefit is available from kindergarten through class twelve and is available for two children only at a monthly rate of INR 2250 per child.
  • Each year, the Combined Defense Services recruit a wide range of qualified applicants for positions such as Captain, Major, Lieutenant, etc.

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