If you’re on the hunt for a new company to help you grow your career, don’t overlook the benefits that come with working somewhere small.

Small businesses tend to be more flexible, agile, and innovative while still delivering professional results. It’s not only startups that benefit from a smaller staff size and budget — even established companies are choosing to downsize. 

Smaller workforces mean lower costs: there are less hands to feed an individual business’s budget and fewer employees who need benefits packages. And because these companies employ a smaller number of people with highly specialized skills, they can offer competitive wages or hourly rates than larger businesses would struggle to provide at the same level of quality or quantity in services provided.

While a smaller business may mean lower wages, the type of work you do will dictate your earning potential. More sets of eyes on a project can lead to more creative solutions, and a smaller company’s ability to produce faster and more cheaply with less budget means they can provide higher-end products and services.

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Who Are We Publishing For?

We’re looking for:

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